In 2012 we brought you Rob and Dan's paperbacks and a brand new title - Breandán Knowlton's Managing Web Projects. 2013 is already hotting up with two new ebooks coming in out in a few, short weeks. 

We've been teasing you about our new Pocket Guide series for a few months, but now we can give you more details.

We'll be releasing two ebooks a month, starting with Brian Suda's Creating Symbol Fonts and Rachel Andrew's CSS3 Layout Modules. Both titles will be on sale from Tuesday 22 January from our store and will be priced at just £2 each.

Every four titles we release will make up a collection. Brian and Rachel's books will be joined by two others at the end of February to make up collection one: The Craft of Words - Part One: Macrocopy by The Standardistas, and Psychology for Designers by Joe Leech. The next four titles will make up collection two, and so on.

If you'd rather buy Pocket Guides by collection then that's not a problem. We'll be providing the option each time we launch the first two titles in a collection. On purchasing the collection you'll receive the first two titles immediately, with the next two automatically delivered the following month when they're released. We'll also throw in a bit of a discount if you choose this option - collections will be priced at £6 each.

We'll reveal the titles making up collection two later on this month.

Happy new year!