Five Simple Steps

The Pocket Guide series: Collection 2

Our second collection of Pocket Guide titles.

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Collection two contains:

HTML Email by Andy Croll

In an age where email is everywhere, it’s crucial your users get the right experience across all their devices. In this book, Andy shows you how to design and build responsive email your customers and clients will love to receive.

Usability of Web Photos by James Chudley

In this short book James talks about what usable photos are and why they are important. You’ll find photo-related stories from his own projects and a new framework to evaluate photo usability, as well as ideas on how we can modify the design process to help improve the usability of web photos. You may never think about photos in quite the same way again!

Interviewing for Research by Andrew Travers

In this book, Andrew Travers explains how to talk to users and stakeholders in the design process. He'll demystify the process of interviewing and help you use that research to drive design decisions.

Combining Typefaces by Tim Brown

Combining typefaces is challenging and fun, but it takes practice. Successful combinations are partly a matter of good taste, which can be tough to develop. And finding typefaces that work well together often takes more time than we (or our managers, or our spouses!) think it should. This pocket guide will give you a framework for efficient practice, lead you to founts of knowledge and help you judge the work you see, including your own work. It will encourage you to be selective, patient and reasonable, focusing on web contexts and your design goals.

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