Last day

As announced last week, we will be closing the store at today at midnight (UK time).

We want to take this final opportunity to thank all of our customers for their support, small niche publishing is hard and without your support our beautiful books may have never seen the light of day. We hope you have expanded your knowledge through our books, authoring for the web has changed a lot over the years but we would like to think our publications remain relevant.

We have been inundated with messages of support and thanks, we in turn would like to thank you for reading, our authors for the words and everybody who has played a part in Five Simple Steps over the years.

As well as these messages of support, we have also been asked a lot of questions. Rather than answer them all individually, we thought it might be a good idea to answer them in this post.

Will you continue to sell the Ebooks when the store closes?

When we close the store, we will be handing back the rights to our books to their relevant authors. It would be a good idea to follow our authors on Twitter as many will be announcing that they will continue to sell their book on their own site - some are even updating their books which we think is brilliant news.

What will happen to the video on the site?

We will carry on hosting the conference video found on the site, continuing to make the video available to all for free to watch.

What will happen to the Five Simple Steps brand?

In short, nothing. We have no future plans for the brand. We will maintain customer support until May 31st - this will be exclusively by email at

Where will I get my fix of web related writing now?

Thankfully, you are still very well served. Smashing MagazineA Book Apart and Rosenfeld Media are good places to explore some fantastic writing.

What are you up to next?

I (Craig) will continue to make things, both on and offline. Amie will be concentrating on delivering her first childrens book as well as continuing her work with the long-term unemployed. I'm sure we will both continue to meet and learn from the wonderful web industry for many years to come.

So that's it. The final chapter. The end. La fin. All that remains to say is another huge thank you for your support.

Keep on learning,

Craig & Amie