Some of our books live on

When we decided to close Five Simple Steps, we made the decision to hand back the rights to each book to its relevant author.

We are delighted that many authors have chosen to re-publish their work, some even making updates. Here we intend to list these books along with links to their new homes.

CSS3 Layout Modules - Rachel Andrew
Designing for the Web - Mark Boulton
Colour Accessibility
- Geri Coady
HTML Email - Andy Croll
Effective Workshops - Alison Coward
Web Performance - Andy Davies
Front-End Style Guides - Anna Debenham
Writing in Markdown
- Matt Gemmell 
CSS Animations - Val Head
The Icon Handbook
- Jon Hicks
Psychology for Designers - Joe Leech
Sketchnoting - Kevin Mears
Building a device lab - Destiny Montague & Lara Hogan 
Practical Responsive images - Ben Seymour
Working with Brand & Design Guidelines - Rachel Shillcock
The Craft of Words -The Standardistas
Creating Symbol Fonts - Brian Suda
Designing with Data - Brian Suda
International User Research - Chui Chui Tan
Version Control with Git - Ryan Taylor
Interviewing for Research - Andrew Travers
Web App Success - Dan Zambonini