Introducing Summer Camp

Here at Five Simple Steps, we love learning and being inspired from a great book. Imagine if we could take that inspiration from the pages, and put it into the forest?

We have been working on something special for a few months, we call it Summer Camp.

Summer Camp is not a conference, it is a three-day all inclusive event aimed at developers and designers. We want Summer Camp attendees to relax, have time for meaningful conversations and to see things from a different perspective. With just 80 attendees, Summer Camp is small enough to not need name badges, but big enough to facilitate meeting interesting new people.

We love conferences, but quite often, the bits around the scheduled talks are the best; talking with peers, exchanging ideas and comparing technique. 

At Summer Camp, the talks, workshops, accommodation and meals are all on site, which means no trekking to the hotel, no getting lost looking for somewhere to eat and no wandering around looking for the venue. The venue itself is something special, we will have 200 acres of woodland to ourselves. The accommodation is bespoke luxury, forget leaky tents and cold showers, all accommodation is comfortable, fully equipped, beautifully designed and located to afford stunning views.

There will be talks over dinner, daily workshops, photo-walks, great music and fantastic food - all inclusive and for just £349 + VAT.

Summer Camp is about getting that fire in your belly, and taking some of those sparks home with you. Get away from the screen, and get inspired.

Tickets are available from 2pm (UK time) today. 

'Screens' a promo film for the Five Simple Steps Summer Camp.