Crafting a book

We love books, especially the ones we publish at Five Simple Steps; but every now and again, something special passes over our desk.

About a year ago we had a chat with Kevin Mears about writing a book for us. We have always loved Kevin's sketches and had a hunch that a great book on Sketchnoting could be something special. Thankfully, after not too much persuasion, Kevin agreed to write for us.



Over the year we have seen glimpses of Kevin's sketches for the book and have been teased with drafts, second drafts, edits and re-writes. A good book takes time, and Kevin certainly worked hard to make sure every element of this book works well.

Packed with some amazing original hand drawn artwork, the finished book is a thing of beauty. We normally release digital versions of our Pocket Guides in .PDF, .epub and .mobi formats. For this book, we want you to see the layout how it was intended so we have made the decision to only release the digital version as a fixed layout PDF. We have worked for over a week in trying to get .epub & .mobi file to show off this book in all its glory, but these formats are just not suited to books crammed with images and intricate layouts. We will of course be releasing this book in print soon enough.

The Pocket Guide to Sketchnoting will walk you through how to take notes that are enhanced with a visual vocabulary which can be anything from a meeting, a proposed user interface, a lecture, a disparate collection of thoughts or where to plant something in the garden. 

Every word and every image in this book has been crafted with love. We think this one is special, we hope you do too.


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