Introducing Fast Reads, a new series of books

Here at Five Simple Steps we publish beautiful, practical books for web developers and designers.

At the moment we have the Practical Guide series as an in depth guide to specific subjects and Pocket Guides as smaller digestible titles both available in print and in digital, immediately downloadable formats. Until now we have shied away from books about tools or more abstract topics as often they don’t age well and can be costly when it comes to print. We are about to change that. Paper is expensive, bytes are free. 

Over the past few months we have been quietly working on a new series of books called Fast Reads. The idea is that these will be published as digital downloads only. Small enough to be read in a 20 minute break and on something very specific.

We can’t really compete with the big publishing houses and obviously don’t have the reach of Amazon. We do, however, have the web on our side, we can publish fast. We won’t compromise on quality and will ensure that Fast Reads still go through our vigorous editing process, but we can then publish immediately. First out of the gate. Digital only.

Without the constraints of having to publish books that will stand the test of time, Fast Reads can cover subjects which are current and/or outside of our normal scope. We still love print, and will continue to work on our longer titles, but these will now sit alongside Fast Reads. So you can still expect to see Pocket Guides and our larger Practical Guides in the future, print certainly isn't dead just yet.

So that's Fast Reads.

We will be launching the very first Fast Read this Thursday (9th July). A Fast Read to Writing with Markdown by Matt Gemmell will be available for just £2.50 ($3.80/€3.50). We hope you will love it as much as we do.

Writing in Markdown