A Fast Read to using build tools

Today we have launched our second book in the Fast Reads series. Using build tools by Gavin Davies is an excellent primer for those looking to understand how build tools like Grunt & Gulp work.

Gavin has also made lots of code available on his Github account so readers can play with the code and learn how things work. 

This kind of instructional book on something very current is exactly why we chose to start publishing Fast Reads. A book like this would never be feasible in print. Technologies move on quickly and the print process can take weeks. All of our Fast Read books will still go through our very thorough editorial process and quality will always be our main focus. We are embracing the advantages that digital books have over printed media and are publishing fast.

That doesn't mean we won't be printing our longer form titles, far from it. We still love print but rather than dismiss topics which are current and likely to require updating, we believe digital releases (ePub, PDF & Mobi) are the way to go.

So if you don't know your Grunt from your Gulp, or your src files from your build files, Using build tools could be the perfect primer for you.

Using build tools