Learning from outside the industry

The web industry is a great place; it’s a lovely mix of long serving experts, new eager faces and everything in-between. However, publishers like us often get accused of featuring ‘the same old faces’ time and time again. At Five Simple Steps we have always made a huge effort not to fall into this trap, we attend upwards of fifty design and development conferences per year and we use this as our personal opportunity to source new authors – both from those that appear on the stage and those we speak to over lunch, or over a beer at the end of the day. Authors aren’t picked because of how many Twitter followers they have, but rather by what they have to share.

Recently however, we decided to take this one step further and start to look for specialists outside of the industry who could bring their expertise and allow us to apply it. Effective content editing by Lisa Reich is the perfect first title to allow us to learn from outside the industry. Lisa is a freelance journalist who can regularly be found donning the by-line of Elle magazine, she’s also worked on a raft of other titles including Money Week, FHM, Cosmopolitan, Net-a-Porter, Stylist, Loaded, and been the editor of Boots Health & Beauty magazine. She’s taking her years of experience and has condensed them into a fantastic little book for our Fast Read series.

We can all learn a lot by sometimes looking outside of the web industry. It's good to try something new.

Effective content editing