The final breakpoint

After three incredible years, it seems that the annual Responsive Day Out conference has come to a natural end.

Jeremy and his team made something quite beautiful. I was lucky enough to have attended all three conferences and although I may have been working, I managed to get blown away by the quality of the talks; every time. I see a lot of conference talks each year but somehow, the talks at Responsive Day Out have always been incredible. Speakers up their game, the beautiful venue has great acoustics and the atmosphere is incredibly relaxed. As somebody who has organised a few conferences myself, I can tell you that these things don't just happen naturally. A lot of work goes into creating this kind of atmosphere.

So this is my thank you to Jeremy and the Clearleft team. Thank you for the learning, thank you for the tips on the best eateries in Brighton, and thank you for the hashtags; #Beefcheeks remains my favourite.

The recordings of Responsive Day Out 3: The Final Breakpoint are now available to view, for free. Grab a coffee and treat yourself. 


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