The Icon Handbook, as relevant as ever.

Three and a half years ago, The Icon Handbook by Jon Hicks was released. This title has become the go-to book for the modern designer; for uncovering the thought processes, the skills and the reference for designing your own icons.

Jon has been responsible for some of the most recognisable icons and logos over the years. Working with clients such as Mailchimp, Mozilla, Skype and Shopify, Jon now works with Opera as the Lead Designer for the desktop team.

The Icon Handbook is still as relevant as ever, as iconography has become more and more prevalent in modern design. To celebrate three and a half years since the launch of The Icon Handbook, we are happy to announce a new affordable price of just £15 ($22) for the print edition (315 pages) and £10 ($15) for the digital bundle (ePub, PDF & Mobi).

This represents an incredible 50% saving for the print edition. Stock is limited so grab a copy whilst you can.

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