The final Pocket Guide book

Over the past few years, Five Simple Steps has released 20 Pocket Guides with subjects varying from Version control with Git to Sketchnoting. We have loved these tiny little books and take no greater pleasure than spotting them being read on trains, airport waiting lounges and during the breaks at conferences.

Unfortunately, small books aren't cost effective when it comes to print. We could print the books cheaper - but we are never willing to compromise on quality. Going forward, the need for short, snappy and practical learning will be met by the extremely popular Fast Reads, which will be digital only. We will also be introducing a new longer-format called Handbooks which will be available in print - we'll be formally announcing these soon. 

We want the Pocket Guide series to go out with a bang, so how did we decide to celebrate this epic run? With an incredible title from Etsy employees Destiny Montague & Lara Hogan and their Pocket Guide to Building a device lab.

Often authors say that their favourite part of the Pocket Guide experience is choosing the colour of their front cover, as it is the final Pocket Guide we decided to let Destiny & Lara have their own way, and have a magnificent rainbow design. We love it, and hope you do too. 

With this guide, priced as usual at only £3 for a digital download, you can learn to build a device lab and read their advice on purchasing, power solutions and much more.

This final Pocket Guide, along with a few others will soon be wangling their way through the printing press and will be available as a paperback after Christmas. 


Available now