Thank you for your interest in writing for Five Simple Steps. Nothing excites us more than receiving a new manuscript, whether it be from an established author or a first-timer. Before you take the time to submit your ideas, please read the information below to make sure we can make the best start. We always aim to provide feedback to submissions within two weeks. Diversity is important to us, both in the topics that we publish and the authors who write them.

What is Five Simple Steps?

Five Simple Steps is a publisher of books for web professionals. We publish a number of different format books. These include our Fast Read series which are digital only and around 4000 words, we love this style of book as we can publish fast and be at the forefront of an ever changing industry. Our Pocket Guides are soon to be replaced by our Handbook series which will be available in both digital and print editions, these will consist of around 15,000 words. Our longer format books are our Practical Guides, again available in print and digital editions, these vary between 50,000 to 100,000 words.

Occasionally we will print special edition books such as The Icon Handbook.

An important part of our brand is design and style. We pride ourselves on producing beautiful books that have an informal and conversational tone of voice that makes them pleasant to read and useful tools for the reader.

Does it have to be a book about the web?

Not necessarily, but it does have to be related to the web. There are so many unexplored little crevices of the web that this means we can publish on a vast range of topics.

How do I submit my idea and get the ball rolling?

We have committed to blind submissions, meaning that all submissions will come to us with no indication of the authors gender, race, Twitter following, ethnicity or beliefs. We will simply judge all submissions on the merit of the content. We think this is the best way to evaluate new work without any risk of accidental prejudice.

About you

  • Contact information (please include an email address - if you are identifiable by this address you may prefer to use an alternate/temporary address)
  • Reasons why you want to write this book and reasons why you want us to publish it

About your book

  • Proposed title
  • Summarise your book in a few sentences (what we call the blurb)
  • A more detailed outline (including any section and chapter headings if known)
  • Please send a sample chapter with your proposal, this gives us an idea of your writing style
  • Summarise what the reader will be able to do/understand at the end of the book that they couldn't do at the beginning
  • Which of our book formats do you feel your manuscript is better suited to?

Any other information

Please let us know of anything else that you feel is relevant to this book.

Proposals can be emailed to: or sent by post to:

Postal address: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ