We Are The Explorers

by Simon Collison

Creative people are usually deep thinkers, obsessively pursuing thorough lines of inquiry. Most of us shaping the web are no exception, each eager to learn, analyze, and share as we swim against an endless tide of information and opinion. To succeed we must understand our strengths, and develop an integrity by which we find our focus and measure our contribution. It’s not so much about a destination as it is about just doing. Join Simon as he takes stock of where we’re headed – both as an industry and as individuals – with stories designed to inspire and make us more optimistic about our roles in building the web.

Simon is a designer who probably spends more time thinking than designing. He’s been thinking and designing at the sharp end for well over a decade, and regularly presents his thoughts at conferences and in publications. He’s worked in a variety of situations for bands, governments, banks, explorers and most other things. He’s currently collaborating on bold new projects with Fictive Kin, and organizes the annual New Adventures events. Simon works from Nottingham UK and Brooklyn, New York, and loves traveling anywhere.