Back in business

A month ago many of you may have read that Five Simple Steps was closing its doors. Like you, we felt sad to lose such an amazing resource and to never have the chance to read the unpublished works that were in the pipeline. So, instead of being sad, we thought we would do something about it! 

We are very proud to announce that we have taken over Five Simple Steps and will keep the library alive and commission new works. 

So who are we? We are Craig Lockwood and Amie Duggan. We are the people behind FoundersHub and Handheld Conf, later this year, The Web Is… We have always considered the core of our business to be providing services to the web industry and we believe that Five Simple Steps closes this circle: we now provide videos, conferences, workspaces and books.

As the new owners of Five Simple Steps, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you back to

We are thrilled to be continuing the excellent work of Mark, Emma and the rest of the Five Simple Steps team. Theirs are pretty big shoes to fill but we are confident that we can bring something new, as well as respecting the legacy and continuing the theme of quality publications with clear, concise and relevant content.

Over the next few weeks we will reveal our plans for the future of Five Simple Steps. We see plenty of opportunities for the business and will work with the community to create more beautiful, inspiring and indispensable books for your library.

Quote from Mark Boulton : "Emma and I are delighted to be handing over Five Simple Steps to Craig and Amie. They're smart, have the community's interests at heart, and have great plans to take Five Simple Steps to places we couldn't. We couldn't be happier!"

Watch our launch video here.