Book: Pocket Guide - CSS animations

CSS animations

By Val Head

Smart and effective tips covering everything you need to start playing with CSS animations in just a couple of hours.

About this book

CSS animations open up a whole new way to look at and use CSS to bring motion to the web in creative ways. This Pocket Guide is designed to help you jump into using CSS animations in your own projects, providing a strong foundation on which to start experimenting and creating.

In this book Val covers the basics of CSS animations, walking you through a series of examples, and discussing practical considerations for dealing with browsers and fallbacks. You'll have everything you need to start playing with CSS animations in just a couple of hours.

Topics include

An explanation of the basic building blocks for creating animations with CSS.

Slightly more advanced and highly useful properties like animation-direction, animation-delay and animation-fill-mode give you more fine-tuned control over your animations. This section shows how and when to use these properties.

Where an object goes is important, but how it gets there is even more important. This section covers the details of the easing keywords and custom bezier functions.

This section puts our CSS animation knowledge so far into practice, going into the details behind four example animations: an infinitely looping animation, animating with steps, using animation-play-state and applying multiple animations to one object.

This section looks at the practical aspects of using CSS animations in production work. It covers how to determine browser support and what to consider when choosing your approach to fallbacks.

About Val Head

Val Head

Val Head is a designer who works with agencies and small businesses to make fun and effective web sites.

She speaks internationally at conferences and leads workshops on web design and creative coding. She is totally into design, type, and code. Every year she brings a swarm of web designers to Pittsburgh for the Web Design Day conference.

She contributes to .net magazine, is the managing editor of CreativeJS, and helps keep Refresh Pittsburgh going strong.

In general, easing gives us a sense of gaining momentum or acceleration

Val Head