Five Simple Steps

HTML Email

By Andy Croll

In an age of email everywhere, learn how to design and build responsive email your customers and clients will love to receive.

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About this book

Creating HTML emails is often thought of as an unpleasant and neglected part of web design, but email is hugely important for reaching out to your users, customers and clients.

In an age where email is everywhere, it's crucial your users get the right experience across all their devices. In this book, Andy shows you how to design and build responsive email your customers and clients will love to receive.

Who should read this book?

This book is aimed at people who already send email to their customers, and those who are thinking about it. It also shows practising designers and developers techniques to adapt their email designs for mobile.


"For designers, marketers and business owners who are making first tracks into email marketing, A Pocket Guide to HTML Email has paved the way. As well as providing practical lessons on planning and coding campaigns, it's also an entertaining read!"

~ Ros Hodgekiss, Campaign Monitor

Topics include:

Part 1: HTML Email

Why should you send email to your customers and clients? What are the sorts of email that you might send?

Part 2: Email Basics

The mechanics of sending emails: permission, legality, spam, services and tools.

Part 3: Design and Content

Thinking about the design and content of your mailings. Writing, layout, coding approaches and testing, all before you send.

Part 4: Email on Mobile

Responsive email. Email is being read on all sorts of devices - this is how to make sure your users get a great experience.

Part 5: A Real Example

Putting it all together to redesign the Five Simple Steps newsletter so it works better on mobile.

About Andy Croll

Andy Croll is a Brighton-based British designer, developer, speaker and conference organiser. He spent six years working in Singapore and is currently the CTO at

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