Book: Pocket Guide - Interviewing for research

Interviewing for research

By Andrew Travers

Learn how to improve your interviews and turn them into a more effective design tool.

About this book

Interviewing is both a privilege and an opportunity - a chance to garner the insight of others for the design process. Yet we often lack confidence in our ability to interview well, worry about finding the right people, or making a case for the research in the first place. More than this, interviewing at its worst can too easily become dislocated from the broader design process.

In this book, Andrew Travers explains how to talk to users and stakeholders in the design process. He'll demystify the process of interviewing and help you use that research to drive design decisions.

Topics include

How to write an effective recruitment brief and find the right research participants.
Writing a discussion guide and getting ready for the interview.
Making the most of the interview.
What to record, and how.
How to move from collected observations towards insights that drive design decisions.

About Andrew Travers

Andrew Travers

Andrew Travers is a designer, researcher and strategist. He has over ten years experience of researching and defining the principles underpinning digital products on both client and agency side.

As a freelance consultant he’s worked with The Guardian, Mark Boulton Design, Method, and Friday among others, on projects for clients including Guardian Soulmates, Nokia, Vodafone and the BBC. He helps organise This is LDNIA, a series of talks in London for designers.

Asking leading or closed questions is a perennial worry for a researcher, and while it may get easier with experience it will remain a challenge

Andrew Travers