The Pocket Guide series: Collection 2

By Andy Croll, Andrew Travers, Tim Brown, James Chudley

A collection of our second Pocket Guide titles, available in both paperback and digital formats.

Book: Collection - The Pocket Guide series: Collection 2

This collection contains:

Book: Pocket Guide - Combining typefaces

Combining typefaces

Develop your skills and intuition when making typographical decisions - without wasting any time.
Book: Pocket Guide - HTML email

HTML email

In an age of email everywhere, learn how to design and build responsive email your customers and clients will love to receive.
Book: Pocket Guide - Interviewing for research

Interviewing for research

Learn how to improve your interviews and turn them into a more effective design tool.
Book: Pocket Guide - Usability of web photos

Usability of web photos

Learn about usable photos and why they’re important when designing great user experiences.