So, it’s that time again. Thousands of students are starting their new year at University or College. Lots of learning (and drinking) will be on the cards. The web industry is unique in that quite often by the time a course outline has been defined and implemented, things have already moved on and changed. It is a fickle world to work and create in and we at Five Simple Steps work hard to produce books that can provide useful, practical and accessible advice for anybody wishing to expand their knowledge of many aspects of the industry.   

Mark Boulton’s Designing for the Web is a really handy guide to all things Web Design and much more besides, it's useful not only for students but also for those who are already working in the industry and looking to learn more and brush up on the fundamentals. You may have a module on Infographics this semester, or need a helping hand with creating clear, easy to interpret reports for your boss. In which case Brian Suda’s book Designing with Data is a really interesting and refreshing look at how you can present information without getting caught up in how pretty charts and graphs look once you’re done.

We also have a guide on Information Architecture, a phrase which many people respond to with ‘say...information what?' Donna Spencer is a straight talking Australian who provides a no nonsense answer to that question. Giving advice on things like user research, organising content and designing site navigation. We also have Andy Clarke in the FSS author ranks who has written an excellent, entertaining and bang up to date guide on how to use HTML 5 and CSS3 in the form of Hardboiled Web Design. The most recent guide we've published is Designing the Invisible, this is a great overview of how semiotics can be used in relation to design. Why choose one colour over another? How do you convey a message without having to spell it out? Rob Mills has the answers to these questions. All FSS authors are encouraged to write their books in their ‘own voice’. This makes our guides really easy to follow and their enthusiasm for their area of expertise is tangible. 

In this spirit of learning and knowledge sharing look out for the new videos that will be available from Five Simple Steps from the 4th of October. These were recorded at our workshops earlier this year and feature some of the FSS authors talking you through their areas of expertise and guiding you through some useful exercises. Keep an eye on the site for more information!